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Activity Discussion Environment What is Artificial Intelligence?

  • Shivani

    July 11, 2021 at 1:17 pm
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    Artificial Intelligence is a computer program for learning and thinking. Everything can be considered artificial intelligence if it involves a program to do something that we would think would depend on human ingenuity.

    The benefits of Artificial intelligence applications are enormous and can transform any technology sector. Let’s see some of them

    1) Declaration of Personal Error:

    The phrase “human error” was born because people make mistakes from time to time. Computers, however, do not make these mistakes if properly configured. With artificial intelligence, decisions are made from pre-collected information using a specific set of algorithms. Mistakes are therefore reduced and the possibility of achieving accuracy with a greater degree of accuracy is possible.

    Example: In forecasting the weather using AI they have reduced most of the human error.

    2) It takes risks on behalf of people:

    This is one of the biggest benefits of artificial intelligence. We can overcome many dangerous human limitations by building an AI Robot that can also do dangerous things for us. Going to Mars, lowering the bomb, exploring the deepest parts of the ocean, coal and oil mining, can be used effectively for any kind of natural or man-made disaster.

    Example: Have you heard of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in Ukraine? At that time there were no robots powered by AI that could help us reduce the impact of radiation by controlling the fire early, as anyone close to the heart was dead within minutes. Finally pour sand and boron from the helicopters just a short distance away.

    AI Robots can be used in such situations where interventions can be dangerous.

    3) Available 24×7:

    The average person will work 4-6 hours a day without breaks. People are built in such a way that they have time to relax and get ready for a new work day and are even given each week to stay strong with their working life and personal life. But if we use AI we can make the machines work 24×7 without breaks and not get bored, unlike people.

    Example: Educational Institutions and Helpline centers receive many questions and problems that can be successfully managed using AI.

    4) Assisting with Repetitive Activities:

    In our daily work, we will be performing many repetitive tasks such as sending a thank-you post, verifying certain documents with errors and much more. By using artificial intelligence we can create useless tasks in a productive way and we can also remove “boring” jobs from people and liberate them from growing art.

    Example: In banks, we often see a lot of document confirmation to get a loan which is a recurring function for the bank owner. Using AI Cognitive Automation the owner can speed up the document verification process that will benefit both the customer and the owner.

    5) Digital Help:

    Some of the most advanced organizations use digital assistants to communicate with users which saves the need for staff. Digital Assistants also use it on many websites to provide what users want. We can talk to them about what we want. Some chatbots are designed in such a way that it is difficult to determine if we are chatting with a chat or person.

    Example: We all know that organizations have a customer support team that needs to clarify customer doubts and questions. Using AI organizations can set up a Voice bot or Chatbot that can help customers with all their questions. We can see many organizations that have already started using them on their websites and mobile apps.

    6) Quick Decisions:

    Using AI alongside other technologies can enable machines to make faster decisions than humans and to do things faster. While making a decision one will consider a lot of emotional and practical issues but the AI ​​machine works on what is planned and delivers results in a fast way.

    Example: We all played Chess games on Windows. It is almost impossible to hit the CPU in hard mode due to the AI ​​behind that game. It will take the best action in the short term depending on the technique used behind it.

    7) Daily Requests:

    Everyday apps like Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortana, Google’s OK are widely used in our daily routine whether it’s a location search, selfie, phone call, post reply and much more.

    Example: About 20 years ago, when we were planning to go somewhere we often asked someone who had already gone there for directions. But now all we have to do is say “OK Google where is Visakhapatnam”. It will show you the location of Visakhapatnam on google map and the best route between you and Visakhapatnam.

    8) New establishment:

    AI enables multiple inventions in almost all fields that will help people solve most complex problems.

    Example: Recently doctors can diagnose breast cancer in a woman in the early stages using advanced AI-based technology.

    As every bright side has a dark version on it. Artificial Intelligence also has some problems. Let’s see some of them

    1) High Environmental Costs:

    As AI updates daily hardware and software need updates and time to meet the latest requirements. Equipment needs repair and maintenance that requires a lot of expense. Creation requires huge costs as they are very complex machines.

    2) Making People Lazy:

    AI makes people lazy with its automated programs a lot of work. People are often addicted to these inventions that can create problems for future generations.

    3) Inactivity:

    As AI removes most of the repetitive tasks and other tasks with robots, human interference is declining which will create a major problem at employment levels. The whole organization wants to take the place of the right young people

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