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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is cyber crime?

  • Ishita

    October 6, 2021 at 12:44 pm
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    Cybercrime pertains to the crime of stealing someone’s data or trying to hurt anyone through the use of electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, laptops and the Internet. Cybercrimes are categorized into four major categories are Financial, Privacy, Hacking, and Cyber Terrorism. The financial crime is snatching the money of users or account holders. Also, snatching data from associations can bring financial fraud. Further, transactions are hugely risked because of it. Entire year hackers steal lakhs and crores of rupees from people and the government. Privacy crime involves snatching your data which you do not want to share with others. Besides, due to it, people suffer a lot and some even perform suicide because of their information’s misusage. Modern-day terrorism has unfolded way beyond the way of 10-20 years ago. But cyber terrorism isn’t just related to terrorists or terrorist institutions. But to frighten some person or domain to the grade of making fear is similarly to Cyber Terrorism. With this era of Technology and straightforward admission to the web, anyone can effortlessly achieve it. Because of this quick stride of development from the instantly decade. Moreover, the web has unlocked a world of data that everyone can access. This percentage of crime, particularly the speed of Cyber Crime, has boosted vastly crumple. Furthermore, the speed of circulation of knowledge has risen quickly thanks to the upper speed of the web. Overhead all, thanks to these problems, Cybersecurity has become a crucial interest for the community. To end cybercrime, the govt has given rise to numerous laws. This legislation fulfils security against Cyber Crime. Besides that, the govt has also inaugurated cyber cells in police stations to dispute the crisis of Cyber Crime as soon as possible.

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