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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is development?

  • Rupali

    May 14, 2021 at 8:02 pm
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    Development is very important in human’s life. Development is a continuous process, this process never can be stop. If there is no development we will stay in one place permanently. You cannot learn new things if the development process stop.

    Different people have different developmental goals. In development process involves a lot of different things like money, intelligence, wealth, health, economic development, personal development, financial development etc. Income is the most important component of development.

    The Main purpose of development is a increase quality and level of the life. Development is useful for everyone. Development leads to positive change only.

    Students won’t development in there mark’s as well as confidence, employees won’t development in there position or salary. Farmers won’t development in there farm. These means different people have different goal in there life about development.

    Development also called a growth. In other words development is the gradual growth or formation of something such as business, career, education economic etc.

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