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Activity Discussion Environment What is Environment ? Discuss it’s issues

  • What is Environment ? Discuss it’s issues

    Posted by Tushar on June 10, 2023 at 12:49 pm

    A simple definition of an environment can be stated as a system encompassing all biotic and abiotic elements affecting human life. The biotic or living components comprise all flora and fauna, and abiotic components include water, sunlight, air, climate, etc.The resources of an environment can be any matter, service or particulars that are useful to society and human beings. They can be anything that satisfies the needs of daily life. Nourishment from living organisms and plants, fuel for cooking purposes and transportation, wind, oil, etc. are all environmental supplies.The environment gives out an extensive range of products and services that is required to sustain life. Each resource holds relative importance and has significant value. For example, a slice of land can be turned into a park, housing society, a shopping mall, etc. Moreover, it can be modified into a garbage dumping area as well.<div>

    Environmental issues are the harmful effects of human activities on the environment. These include pollution, overpopulation, waste disposal, climate change, global warming, the greenhouse effect, etc.

    Some of the current environmental issues that require urgent attention are:

    1.Climate Change

    Climate change is a great concern in today’s scenario. This problem has surfaced in the last few decades. Greenhouse gases are the major cause of climate change. Environmental changes have several destructive impacts such as the melting of glaciers, change in seasons, epidemics, etc.

    2.Global Warming

    The burning of fossil fuels, emissions from automobiles and chlorofluorocarbons add to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This has led to an increase in the earth’s temperature causing environmental changes. This increase in temperature across the globe is known as global warming.


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