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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What is kinetic energy?


  • Edutuber

    June 2, 2021 at 9:38 pm
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    We all know about energy. The unit of energy is joule. The classification of energy is done in physics. In

    physics energy is classified into many forms and there is a law which stands for the conservation of

    energy. This law is known as The law of conservation of energy.According to this laW energy cannot

    be created and energy cannot be destroyed, but energy in one form can be converted to another form

    without any loss or gain. This law may be confusing to many. To understand this law, one needs to

    know different forms of energy and how energy is converted. Energy can be seen in different forms

    energy in a light source is considered as light energy. Energy in a flame is considered as heat energy.

    Thus many types of energies are out there. Kinetic Energy is a form of energy which is seen asssociated

    with moving objects. This energy is seen in moving vehicles, rotating fan etc.IN the fan, this energy is

    known as rotational kinetic energy. Some readers might be puzzling on this if energy can neither

    Created nor be destroyed then how kinetic energy stored in a moving car gets destroyed when t comes to a

    halt? When analyzing this situation we can come into a conclusion that the kineticenergy stored in the

    moving car gets tranformed into potential energy, frictional energy when the tyres reduce its speed and

    into heat energy when the contact between tyres and road gets heated. Thus the kinetic energy stored in

    the fast moving car is dissipated into so many forms and the car becomes to a stop when the energy is

    fully transferred into other forms. Kinetics is a branch of chemistry which deals with reaction rates of

    chemical reactions. Don’t get confused with this term

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