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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is leadership?


  • Ishita

    September 22, 2021 at 3:08 pm
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    Leadership are some things that cannot be done by everyone. Leadership is that the quality of a private or group of people to form an impression on people. a pacesetter may guide us and motivates us in life. in order, that means not everyone is often an honest leader. There are some qualities which should be in good leadership, let’s examine what are qualities needed for leadership –


    Confidence is one of the crucial characteristics of leadership. an honest leader should are committed by someone confident enough to form changes and challenge the norms. Leaders’ confidence encourages people. Their confidence keeps others on. In any different circumstance, a relaxed and assured leader helps a team to travel through it.


    No leader is often ok without integrity. Integrity is that the most vital quality of not only a pacesetter but also a person’s being. Nobody can trust an individual they do not trust. Through integrity and honestly, you receive the faith and appreciation of others.

    Value others:-

    A self-centred person can’t be ready to be an honest leader. you ought to value people and their opinion to earn their respect. A selfish and self-centred person only cares about themselves, not others, this type of person can’t influence others permanently.


    A leader must be empathetic towards others. Compassion is vital because it’s the rationale for fair judgement. It helps you to extend your humanity. And humanity is that the greatest quality of any leader. Respect and love of people only can earn any empathy and humanity.

    Great Communication Skills:-

    A great leader must have great communication skills. Without it, they can not influence others. It helps to create others’ mindsets and make things clear to others. The motivation, emotions, and dignity of a pacesetter also can be found by communication.

    These are some qualities of leaders There are more, but these are the foremost important qualities.

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