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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary What is Narration Change?

  • Shivani

    June 16, 2021 at 10:38 am
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    A story, a story of an event or series of events; a law of history.

    There are two ways to send a message to the person, or the words spoken by a person to another person.

    1. Direct speech-Direct or quoted speech is a sentence (or several sentences) that conveys the speech or thought in its original form, as phrased by the primary device. It is usually enclosed in quotation marks. Quoted the spokesman of the two mentioned in the inquit (Latin “he/she / it, or understand it.

    For example: the Mini, and said: “I’ll give you some pleasure.”

    2. In indirect speech, Indirect speech, also known as the power of speech or indirect discourse, is a way of expressing the content of statements, questions or other content of any direct quotation, as is done in direct speech. For example, he said, is that “I” is the direct reason for that, and He said that it is indirect speech. Indirect speech should not be confused with indirect actions on free speech.

    For example: the Mini, he said and gave me a pen.

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