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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary What is number in grammar?

  • Shivani

    June 16, 2021 at 10:46 am
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    The number is a grammatical category at all. In English, these two classes of numbers, the singular and the plural form. These two categories are: nouns, pronouns,, drivers,, and more verbs. In other words, it is either a noun, pronoun, supplier, or a system can be described as a singular or a plural form.

    Some words change their spelling changed. For example, nouns, and, in most cases you can add an “s “(e.g.,” cat “, the word” cats” to use it in the plural, verbs, add an” s “(e.g.,” he is playing “, the word” play”), and some of the features may change their form (for example,” this “and”these”).

    In comparison with many other languages, the English language is relatively easy because of the many words (mainly nouns, and generally does not change when the grammatical number of changes. For example, we say, “stinky dog” – and “smelly dogs. “This is the word” vile ” and cannot be changed. This is not the case in other languages:

    French: chien malodorant is chien malodorants

    German: stinkender Hunde will be no foul-Hunde

    Spanish, perros maloliente are perros malolientes

    So, even though there is a risk that something will not work with the spelling of numbers in English, it is a little on the small side, it is worth the effort and the understanding of the term “grammatical number” because it will help you to learn a foreign language.

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