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Activity Discussion Environment What is smog?


    June 8, 2021 at 3:32 pm
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    The environment is rising with activities of smog. The world is wrapped under such conditions now. This is also a particular type of pollution. The name smog simply means smoke and fog together. When smog occurs it creates an environment dense, humid, unbreathable, and heavy. Thus the toxicity level is too high.

    The origin of smog was around the 1900s. The country of London got wrapped in the evil clutches of smog. It created an unescapable surrounding and everything around it turned gloomy. The condition included foggy weather dipped in smokes. The scientist named it “smog”.


    In general, smog is formed when complicated chemical reactions occur in the environment under the same area.

    The reactions are comprised of volatile components. There are many compounds involved in these particular processes that come from automobiles, industries, etc. The chemicals involved are part of day-to-day actions. Plastic products on burning openly deliver a chemical residue that produces poisonous vapors. Although, the maximum responsibility for creating fog is taken by the automobiles used daily.

    The smog not only depends on poisonous smokes. It also depends on weather conditions. Because without it there won’t be any fog. The most important role in the weather condition is played by the temperature. A rise in temperature of the particular area marks the increment of smog creation as well. So the chances of forming smog are better on hot humid days. This occurs as the layer that is creating the smog grows dense and rigid as soon as the heated air gets settled on the lower surface. This creates a layer that cannot be moved easily.


    1. Smog causes lung diseases such as bronchitis, lung cancer, pneumonia, etc.

    2. A gradual effect on the ozone layer causing it to deplete.

    3. One receive low Vitamin D which means the bone density becomes less

    4. Shorter and lower crop produce

    6. The visibility is reduced. Sometimes it becomes so dense that the visibility becomes almost zero.

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