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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is the key to success. Comment

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  • Anushree

    June 9, 2021 at 7:03 pm
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    We all are fighting day and night to establish ourself, someone in schools and colleges to get good grades, someone is striving in the corporate world to grab a higher post and a greater salary package where as there are also people who are fighting at their home to stand up against the injustice happening inside the four walls of a family. We often go ahead and find out different meaning of success but actually success does not have a proper definition it is not the salary package one withdraws or the class one belongs to. Success is a state where a people feel from the bottom of their heart that the actions, they performed with a certain purpose has served it and the person has achieved a goal. Success has no end and no beginning. And the sole mantra to success is hard work, patience and the believe in one own self. There is no shortcut to success, one has to walk a full-length path and has to witness all kinds of experience in order to taste the flavor of success.

    In order to be successful in life one should be very much determined and should always be ready to face challenges and come out with required solutions.

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