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Activity Discussion Essay What is the meaning of employment?

  • Ishita

    September 14, 2021 at 4:35 pm
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    Employment means the state of having a paid world with an organization. The person who worked on the organization is an employee. In an employment there are two people one the employer who provides employment and the employee who takes the employment. Any organization or association can not run without employment. Employment needs a certain age, skills and education. Not everyone can be an employee. We often think that jobs are only a source of income but it is more than that. Employment represents much more in a society. The economy of a country is based on employment. The more people work, the economy will improve. If the employment is less in a country the country will drown into poverty.There are many kinds of employment including self employed, work from home,working for the government and freelance. Self employed is a type of employment where you don’t work for anyone you work for yourself. Basically business is this kind of employment. Work from home is an employment where you don’t need to go outside for work. You can work from your home. Government jobs include railway station jobs, banking jobs, schools and colleges, and government sector jobs. Government jobs are more secure than other jobs. And last but not the least is freelance, it is short term work where the employee earns on the basis of their taske. There are also so many jobs like actors, singers, dancers, painter and many more. These jobs you wouldn’t be able to do without skills and talent. So employment is a basic need for every person to survive in life and lead a happy life. Employment is not only about money it is also associated with the dream and ambition of a person. So we should be qualified enough to be an employee.

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