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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is the status of women in our society?

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  • Kumari

    May 26, 2021 at 8:15 pm
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    The status of women in our country and society is going on a better and positive way. Things are being in the way of betterment. But the situation needs to get more better. Earlier people had a mindset that women are just meant for cooking, handling home chores and taking care of the family but now it has changed. Women are capable of doing jobs for there survival and they need to because as man want money for their existance woman need it for the same. People cannot assume that women can have an unsuccessful career because she has the option to be dependent economically on her partner. This is never an option for anyone and now people are accepting this fact. But the only problem in the situation is women are excpected to take care of there families along which her work and that too alone and the duty of the men is just to earn money and pays no contribution to the household work. This thought is to be changed . The thought of “Equality”should be practised in all the works whether outdoor or indoor. Earlier the girl child were aborted and if not she was not allowed to study and had to help her mother in household work till a certain age and after that we was married at an early age but now women play an equal role in the development of the society. If a boy is studying he will study for himself but when a girl studies , she becomes capable of sharing her learnings with her kids leading to a more educated society. Women education should be encouraged, underprivileged students should get financial aid for the completion of their studies and women education and empowerment should be treated with importance as the same treated of men’s. And girls from a very young age should be taught that she is not weak than boys in any aspect.

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