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Activity Discussion History What is the story behind demolition Of The Babri Masjid In 1992 ?

  • Edutuber

    May 27, 2021 at 8:07 pm
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    Communal violence and religious partiality are the two main factors which are holding back the devolepment of India. Even in this modern age , people fight over each other on the name of Gods and religions. Babri masjid case can be attributed towards this atrocity which attributed the death of not less than two thousand people. Babri masjid was an archeological monument which was built during the reign of Babur ( about 1528 AD) which was located at Ayodhya , Uttarpradesh.

    Another community believes that their god lord Ram was born on this land. In 1992 a communal mob who follows an extreme hard religious belief vandalised the mosque and destroyed the archeological structure . Court ordered for investigation and the investigating group found evidences of a bigger structure which pre existed the mosque . Historians believe that Babur came to Ayodhya and destroyed a temple and built a mosque above that. This ignited communal violence all across Indian subcontinent . About 2000 people died on various riots. In 2019 Supreme court ordered to handover the land to Ram janmabhumi and alternatively 5 acres of land should be handed over to sunni board to build a mosque . This incident has led to many controversies. It is due to this religious over belief , India is still lagging necessary human devolepment .

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