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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What is the use of engine oil in machines?

  • Parul

    June 24, 2021 at 1:01 pm
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    What is motor oil used for?

    Motor oil takes part in a collection of characters within the engine, with innumerable systems and sections depending on it.

    1. Lubrication

    The chief function of motor oil is to lubricate the engine, which is always subject to abrasion. Lubricants lessen friction and wear, thus preserving the engine for a long time and also cutting the cost of upkeep.

    2. Cooling

    In the course of combustion, heat from burning and friction in the engine causes the engine to heat up immensely which can be hugely detrimental to the system. Motor oil assists to trap, move and let go of this heat through the lubrication circuit. It supplements the coolant as well, which helps cool down certain parts of the engine.

    3. Cleaning

    The cleaning ability of motor oil is crucial in keeping the engine functional and robust. Microscopic deposits made up of dust or combustion residue build up in the engine and remain in suspension. If the build-up isn’t removed and cleaned out, the engine will corrode and deteriorate with time. Motor oil plays a huge role in maintaining the health of the engine by carrying the impurities to the oil filter to get ccumulated.

    4. Protection against corrosion

    Combustion of fuel generates toxic acids that are corrosive to the metal interior and parts of the engine. That is why additives are present in modern motor oils that help counteract these damaging effects. However, with time and with exposure to the air, the oil gets oxidized and loses these beneficial properties. That is why it is also crucial to get motor oil changed regularly.

    5. Sealing

    Motor oil also intensifies engine sealing, especially the sealing of pistons and cylinders. It does it by establishing a protective layer between the numerous component elements of the engine.

    What are the benefits of motor oil?

    There are several benefits to using motor oil.

    1. Keeps engines safe from damage

    The most important function of motor oil is to bring an end to the requirement for expensive repairs. Without lubrication, engines can corrode with time and eventually become damaged to the point of non-function. Engine oil clears out the accumulated debris and dissipates the heat produced in the engine thereby keeping the engine healthy and functional for a long time.

    2. Ensures proper functioning of the engine

    By cleansing the engine from muck and diminishing grinding between parts, motor oil keeps the engine running smoothly. This helps save up immensely on upkeep costs.

    3. Decreases fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

    Overuse of engine oil or low levels of engine oil can causes fiction reducing the efficiency of the engine and subsequently increasing fuel consumption. Using high performance also reduces the release of harmful emissions in the environments and thus is the more eco-conscious option.

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