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Activity Discussion Math What is Vedic maths?

  • Kakumani

    December 1, 2023 at 6:42 pm
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    Vedic mathematics is a system of mathematical techniques that originated in ancient India, particularly from the Vedas, which are ancient sacred texts. It encompasses a set of strategies and principles designed to expedite various mathematical calculations, promoting mental arithmetic and simplifying complex problems.

    On the other hand, the abacus is a calculating tool that has ancient origins and has been used across various cultures. It typically consists of beads or markers on rods or wires, each representing a specific numerical value. Users manipulate these beads to perform arithmetic calculations.

    The primary distinction between Vedic mathematics and the abacus lies in their approaches to mathematical computations. Vedic mathematics emphasizes mental techniques and shortcuts, focusing on speed and efficiency in mental calculations. In contrast, the abacus is a physical tool that aids in numerical manipulation through a systematic arrangement of beads, fostering a visual and tactile method of calculation.

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