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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is youtube?

  • Shivani

    July 1, 2021 at 8:47 am
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    new technologies are changing the way people do their jobs or run their businesses, YouTube can help them acquire new skills to take advantage of future opportunities.

    Video is more than just a source of entertainment, and it is a powerful way to learn. YouTube has many resources to help people improve their careers, prepare for new jobs or grow their businesses. More than 500 million reading-related videos are viewed on the platform every day. These videos were created and shared by a team of enthusiastic creators, such as Linda Raynier, whose videos teach job seekers how to nail it or write a resume to be seen; or Vanessa Van Edwards, who helps people develop soft skills such as how to use body language in an interview or communicate with a high-pitched voice. Thanks to creators like Linda and Vanessa, people can learn new skills for free and engage with the YouTube professional community for valuable help.

    Together with Flamingo’s product advisors, we recently tested online users to find out what they think of YouTube and how it helps them learn new skills.

    In the ten European countries included in the study, 64 percent of respondents felt that YouTube helped them learn new skills that empower personal or professional development, making it the most rated channel for those included in the study. YouTube gets the highest score on this score for both men (62 percent) and women (66 percent), and for all age groups, with at least 50 percent of respondents agreeing with the statement.

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