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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What makes the Earth spin on its axis every day?

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  • Shivani

    June 12, 2021 at 12:06 pm
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    When it is in our own solar system, because of the creation of such clouds of gas called a nebula, there is a lot of dust and gas that is collected in order of importance. The dust and gas are already moving in a circle. All this time, the condensed, the creation of the activity of the Sun and the planet, and these are the new items and began to rotate, rotate, then faster and faster.

    In theory, a rotating object will continue to rotate for ever and ever, until the energy or take it away.

    Think of it as a spinning top. You provide the extra energy to run, Ali’s rotation. Finally, in the end, as the land on which it is rotating, is taking the energy away from the toy, at the top, through what is known as friction.

    Friction is when something is rubbing, or are drawn to the object, and the energy. Have you ever slowed down when it goes down the hill, pull the feet and on the face of the earth? This friction.

    Toys & fidget spinner is not a large friction. Why do they spin, so for a long time.

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