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Activity Discussion Environment What makes the wind?


  • Edutuber

    May 28, 2021 at 5:58 pm
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    We all have experienced winds of varying impact . Some winds maybe slight breeze while some winds have the power to jeopardize a 60 storey building . What makes these winds? Where did they start? Do they end? These questions may have puzzled everyone. To answer these enquiries , we have to understand the basic physical principle behind pressure transformation . Pressure difference creates a movement from high pressure region to low pressure region. This is also known as Bernoulli’s theory. This causes a movement of air from high pressure regions to low pressure regions. We experience this movements as wind. There are different pressure belts across the glob which causes different winds including trade winds. The major pressure are equatorial low pressure region, sub tropical high pressure region , sub polar low pressure region and polar high pressure region. The pressure gradient created by these pressure belts causes the air to move from one region to other region. This movement causes wind. Some winds begin at the oceans and reaches the land as breeze. Another major phenomenon behind the formation of wind is pressure difference between land and ocean.

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