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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary What paragraph writing?

  • Anushree

    June 10, 2021 at 1:32 pm
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    Paragraph writing is one of the writing skills which one needs to master. This writing skill is included in the curriculum of students at an early age. One needs to have clear idea and knowledge about a certain topic in order to produce a nice paragraph on the same. Paragraph writing also requires a rich vocabulary. It is basically the accumulation of facts and figures in a descriptive manner, which lets one to understand and know more about a topic.

    Points to keep in mind while composing a paragraph on a certain topic:

    1. A paragraph must always start with an attractive appropriate title which complements the body of the writeup.

    2. A paragraph must constitute of an introductory part as well as a conclusion part and in the middle, it should talk about all the necessary information and description.

    3. One should always avoid spelling mistakes as it creates a very bad impression and degrades the quality of the writeup.

    4. One should write upon the very given topic and noy shift the same, the writing should be informative and crisp

    5. It should always abide by the mentioned word limit.

    Writing a paragraph is not a very tough job but it requires practice.

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