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Activity Discussion Environment What types of crops can plant in summer season?

  • Aruja

    June 10, 2021 at 7:19 pm
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    There are three main types of crop seasons Kharif crop Cultivation season, Rabi crop cultivation season, and summer crop cultivation season. Kharif crops are cultivated at the beginning of the monsoon and Kharif crop raised in the month of September to October.

    Major Kharif crops are rice, Joware, Bajra, Maize, cotton, sugarcane, Seame, soybean, and groundnut. Rabi crops are cultivated at beginning of the winter season and it rose in the springtime period. Major Rabi crops are wheat, Jower, gram, linseed, and rapeseed and mustered. In the summer season rice, Mainz and groundnut are grown naturally.

    Rice is one of the major food crop of the world. It is the main crop cultivated in hot and humid region especially in the tropical and subtropical region Asia is the largest producer of rice in the world with 90% of the world’s total Rice production. Rice is classified as a kharif crop. In India rice meet around 150 cm of rainfall and high temperature about 25 degree Celsius. For the best development it also requires stagnant water and clay soil. Most of the rice cultivation is done manually so it requires adequate cheap labour.

    Maze originated in Latin America. In fact it is still the staple food of the people of late in America. It is an important food crops as well as a food across. It is known as found in the USA and Mecca in India. It requires a moderate temperature about 20 degree Celsius during the growing period and rainfall of 50 cm 275 CM. Maze cannot survive in Frost. Well drained and fertile soil it required for its cultivation. The USA is the world largest producer of maze.

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