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Activity Discussion General Discussion Who was Lord Buddha?



    May 31, 2021 at 12:17 pm
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    The birth of Siddhartha Gautam was in a royal family in Nepal. The skills and intelligence were always there in his head. Not only that he was a kind and compassionate person while growing up.

    Soon at that time, there was a prediction made on his name. It said that Siddharth will be an excellent king or be alone spiritual leader.

    Since Siddharth belonged to a Royal household, he was expected to become the former.

    However, the world is not an easy place to survive and the cruelty of mankind attracted him to the latter.

    To eradicate these feelings, his parents offered him every pleasure of the world. He even got married to a very beautiful wife, Yashodhara.

    But whatever he does there was no end to his suffering. By no means he was able to get rid of those feelings.

    Once when he set foot outside his kingdom on a tour he found a sick person. One the exact next day, he noticed a weak old man, and subsequently, a dead person came to his sight at last.

    This was so painful for him he shut his eyes closed after this.

    In his mind, he could find himself connecting with that mind. He could envision certain a calm world and a calm self. He realized the meaning of life.

    After that, there was nothing that could stop him. He left his home, his kingdom, his wife to find answers and meanings. He led a solitary life and became a “sanyasi”.

    Teachings of Lord Buddha

    The teachings and beliefs of Lord Buddha have taught people to find meaning out in their lives.

    Lord Buddha’s teaching was known as ‘dharma’

    Five principles/ Panchsheel:

    According to dharma

    – There should be no killing in living things.

    – There should be no stealing

    – No Sexual misconduct

    – No lying in any situation

    – Mind should be free of all intoxicants like drugs or alcohol

    He gave the –

    Three Universal Truths:

    1. Nothing is lost in the universe

    2. Everything Changes

    3. The Law of Cause and Effect

    Buddha also had the four Noble Truths:

    The Four Noble Truths:

    – Dukkha

    – Samudaya

    – Nirhodha

    – Magga

    Lastly, there is the –

    Eight-Fold path:

    Which says-

    – Right understanding (Samma ditthi)

    – Right thought (Samma sankappa)

    – Right speech (Samma vaca)

    – Right action (Samma kammanta)

    – Right livelihood (Samma ajiva)

    – Right effort (Samma vayama)

    – Right mindfulness (Samma sati)

    – Right concentration (Samma samadhi)

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