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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why are placements important for graduation students?

  • Tejasri

    June 2, 2021 at 5:34 pm
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    Placements are nothing but getting placed in a particular company. That is, getting a good job in a good company. Forgetting the placement, the individual must At least be a graduate. It is not sure that all the graduates will get the placements. It depends upon the talent and skill of the individual.

    For example, in the software side, If the individual is good in programming languages like same, C++, Dharma, Biden etc., the individual will have high chances of getting placed. In addition to the programming languages, If the individual is good at English, Aptitude and soft skills the individual will have good number of chances to get placed in a company. Even if the individual have all the talents and skills, all the things are to be shown in the exam and in the interview. If it is not shown in the exam and the interview then will not get placed in a company. All the skills are required to get placed in a company.

    It is no need to worry even if the individual have no skills and talents. Because, no one is born intelligent. By the time, the individual should learn some programming languages, aptitude, soft skills etc. to get placed in a good company sooner. And by the time if all the skills that are mentioned above are obtained, the individual will get placed in a good company with higher packages.

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