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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why are schools important?


  • Aashutosh

    June 2, 2021 at 8:11 pm
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    Why are schools Important?

    The answer to this question can be written for the days. It has an unlimited reason for school being an important institute for education. It won’t be wrong if we say ” The cornerstone of every culture is Education.” And these schools provide an abundance of knowledge to the students.

    Education is responsible for society’s economic and social progress in general and political advancement. The thread of society’s development is always dependent on the quality of Education. Schools thus play a significant part in defining a country’s culture by having its potential people thrive all over.

    Why is it important for children to go to school and what role does it play in a student’s life?

    Some benefits of school are stated as follows:

    1. In answer to why is school important, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that schools play a significant role in human development. It teaches us to communicate with others as well as the basic etiquette of life. At college, we study stuff related to things.

    2. Schools provide the majority of the structured knowledge that we require in order to survive in society.

    3. It helps a child to develop him/ her academics so that he can support society and live a better lifestyle.

    4. The child is able to function in the community efficiently, all thanks to the school for its quality education.

    5. Schools also prepare students to meet other requirements like backgrounds, values, and feelings.

    6. Education’s importance helps a student to consider the distinction and similarity with other cultures.

    7. The school also teaches us to appreciate other peoples’ ideas and traditions. We exist in harmony and goodwill with each other.

    8. Schooling can improve a person’s speech and trust.

    9. Schools shape the life of a person with his mental and physical development on the account of society.

    10. In schools, we make many friends which in some cases are the bond that is pledged forever. And these mates remain with you throughout life.

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