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Activity Discussion History Why did Nazis became popular in Germany?

  • Trishita

    May 10, 2021 at 8:19 pm
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    Who’s the first person came to your mind when you hear the word ‘Nazi’? It’s Adolf Hitler of curse!! He is might not a great leader and most of the world consider him as a murder but, He is one of the main reason that Nazi’s came to known. The impact he created not especially in Germany but all around the all is undeniable. But some specific reasons caused the Nazi’s popularity in Germany. Let’s briefly describe it-

    · Before Hitler came into power, the devastating Treaty of Versailles caused Germany a great economic hole and also made a national issue.

    · After that, the Great depression (1929) worsened the situation and the Wiemar Republic showed the fragile economy to the world. It makes the public furious and they become more responsible to get through this situation.

    · The political scenario was getting worse day by day, many communists and socialists beat each other to make up with some good policy for the German people.

    · At this point of situation, Adolf Hitler showed up with his nestling National Socialist German worker’s party or ‘Nazi party’ to be joined in this mass movement.

    · Hitler promised the people of Germany that he would bring them justice from Versailles Treaty and save their dignity. He also promised to make free all foreign Countries conspiracies and made German a strong economic country, by carrying out the Nazi’s Ideal.

    · He got some great followers mainly from the middle-class German people, who were greatly feared by the economical collapse of Germany.

    · Hitler conveniently portrays himself as the savior of Germany by his powerful oratory skills and the Nazi’s propaganda. He makes his promise true to the people and saves them from acute economic and political distresses.

    These are the reason that makes Nazis popular among Germans.

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