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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why do people believe in god?

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  • Anushree

    June 25, 2021 at 9:31 pm
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    We all at some point of time somewhere believe in God, we believe that there is some ultimate power above all which can help us at the toughest of our time and lets us get out of difficult situation in right condition. We cannot see God it is an abstract for us all but we can feel it for sure. Praying to God gives us the mental stability which we require for doing something or taking a new step towards life. Praying to the Almighty also helps us build confidence and concentrate on our work. God is with all of us at all the times and is always ready to get our back when we fall or do something wrong.

    Almighty is a special power which lies beyond everything even beyond science. We rely and believe in his power all the time and specially on times when everything goes wrong. We must always remember that the almighty has one master plan for each and everyone of us, we all are his children and he will always be protecting us from every evil. It is for sure the truth and positivity will always be victorious over evil and always good will win over the bad.

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