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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Why do rainbows have a curved shape

  • Parul

    June 11, 2021 at 11:23 am
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    Why do rainbows have round shape?

    Colours and Refraction

    When we are outside on a shining balmy day, it may gaze like daylight is all one hue. But in real, the white daylight you spot is build-up of many unlike shades of light merged altogether.

    Actually, light is a wave. Flash of light come in unsimilar sizes called “wavelengths”. Every hue has a different wavelength. For instance, violet light has a much minuscule wavelength than red light. The upcoming thing to know is that when light set foot in water at an inclination, it switches direction. This is known as “refraction”.

    The shorter the wavelength of the hue, the more it swaps direction. So violet light changes direction over and above green light. And yellow light changes conduct more than red light. why all the colours in the sunlight end up separating when it hits the water drop, and we are then able to see all the colours of the rainbow is because of Refraction.

    Shape and Reflection

    Now main question is why rainbows have a round shape?

    The terminal thing that occurs when sunlight banish a raindrop is that several of that light jounce back, or is “reflected”.

    So, when we notice a rainbow, we are in fact seeing light that has hit list a raindrop and bounced backward onto our eye. In raindrops, daylight bounces back or throwback, most strongly at a definite angle of 42 degrees. If we draw beam of sunlight that reflect at 42 degrees into our eyes then those rays commence to look like they shape a circular arc in the sky. So, the pondering gives us the shape of the rainbow, meanwhile the refraction provides us the colours of the rainbow.

    If we are footing on the ground, then the rainbow terminates when it hits the floor. If we are fortunate enough to look out on some rain from a stage, then instead of gazing just a portion of the circle, we may be able to look at a full circular rainbow.


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