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Activity Discussion Environment Why does grammar matter?


  • Ishita

    August 5, 2021 at 6:57 pm
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    Grammar is the pillar of the English. We can not understand any sentence without proper grammar. It will make our communication easier. We are not able to understand a single word without proper grammar. It can help us make accurate sentences with the expressions we want to express. When we start to understand the grammar, the sentence will make proper sense to you. It helps the communication between two people more clearly. If any writer can eliminate grammatical errors from writing it will help readers with clear communication.Once you understand your own language and learn the different patterns and varieties, you can more easily understand how other languages are formed,it will make them easier to learn. Being able to understand across languages allows you to share your ideas and the ideas of others more hugely. Better grammar conveys the correct message. People will take you more seriously if you can talk with accurate grammar. It is a tool for delivering the correct message or opinion. Grammar is the main pedestal of any language. If started talking with wrong grammar then you whole message or opinion will convert into a wrong way. So it is very important to using correct grammar during a conversation.

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