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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Why does space have three dimensions?


  • Shivani

    July 2, 2021 at 10:07 am
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    Scientists suggest that the space is 3D because of a thermodynamic value called Helmholtz free energy. In a radioactive environment, this density can be thought of as a type of pressure everywhere, depending on the temperature of the universe and the amount of space in the universe.

    Here the researchers point out that, when the universe began to cool down from the moment after the massive explosion, the Holholholtz congestion reached its first peak at a very high temperature corresponding to when the earth was only a fraction of a second old, and when the space size was about three.

    The main idea is that the 3D space is “suspended” at a time when Helmholtz congestion is reaching its original value, preventing 3D space from switching to other dimensions.

    This is because the second law allows for changes at a higher level only when the temperature is above this critical value, and not below it. As the universe cools continuously, the current temperature is much lower than the critical temperature needed to change from a 3D space to a high space. In this way, the researchers explained, the size of the area is very similar to the story sections, where switching to a different distance is like a phase change like melting snow – something that can only happen at temperatures high enough.

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