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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Why google plays vital role in our lives?

  • Why google plays vital role in our lives?

    Posted by Shweta on May 14, 2021 at 5:23 pm

    Suppose your family plans a trip to go to goa. Every plan has been done and the packing as well. You left for goa and after two hours of journey you realised that your father is confused with the roads. You opened the google map and helped him with the roads and reached the destination.

    After reaching, you took help of google to find a good hotel to stay in. It was the google which helped you to find out beach places,best restaurants and other places to visit.

    Henceforth, google has made our lives so easy. We should be knowing that:

    1) what sorts of help google does?

    =The google helps you to find any type of queries related to any topic. It helps you to find the routes, download songs , movies, suggest you with a best professionals etc.

    2) Why is it important for everyone to know the usage of google?

    = It is important for everyone to know the uses of google because a person without a knowledge can use it and know many solution. For example, if you are lost, you can find your place with the google map.

    3) Can google transfer money?

    =Google has introduced it’s application called google pay, which helps you to debit and credit the money from your bank account to another with proper security check.

    4) What new feature has been introduced by Google?

    =The feature introduced by google is the application called google meet in which online meetings and classes takes place. It has helped a lot during pandemic.

    5) Does google contains right information?

    =Google contain right information. It provides you not only it’s answers, but also the related article shared by others to make you more sure.

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