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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why is home grown food is healthy?


  • Aruja

    July 6, 2021 at 5:24 pm
    Not Helpful

    The human greed has no end this is the perfect line in which we can explain why home grown food is healthy. In market we can see each and every fruit or vegetable available throughout the year there we know that every vegetable has its own time in which it is naturally grown. But still all kind of vegetables and fruits are available throughout the years so this clearly shows that vegetables and fruits are are grown with the help of the chemical method like by using fertilizers pesticides and Chemicals so that farmers can produce each and every kind of vegetable and fruit throughout the year, so they can sell it on a high rate and earn more profit which is not meant for every season. The other reason why the home grown food is healthy is because most of the farmers use pesticides, fertilizers and chemical substances on very large scale so that they can produce more fruits and vegetables and crops and which looks more fresh and healthy but from inside they are filled of chemical and because they also want to make that crop grow more faster than their natural time. So when we go to the market and see very Shiny and flashy and fresh vegetables or fruit when available season of that vegetable and fruit is not going on but still they are available we can see that those are not actually healthy also all fruits and vegetables and crops are not grown the same way but yet many are grown in this way only. So people should also prefer homegrown healthy.

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