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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why is ice slippy?

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  • Shivani

    June 26, 2021 at 8:21 am
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    If you have ever tripped and fell on a piece of ice, you already know that the ice cream is smooth and dangerously slippery. It is well known that the ice cream is so smooth, as if wet by water. It is less clear why the ice is so slippery, but there is a science behind it.

    The ice cream itself isn’t really smooth, the friction, which means that they become slippery, in accordance with the The effect of friction on the ice leads to a very shallow layer of water on top. It is a small body of water lying on the freezing ground that it is not the cause of the “slippery”.

    A thin layer of water will reduce the friction on the surface, which makes it more comfortable. The physical properties of this layer of the water is different from that of other sources of water, such as we drink, or in our waterways, and have only recently come to know. report.

    The Water is usually not a good lubricant, but it is a thin layer of ice, and the question is why. The scientists of the Epoch and a Laboratory in France, they were able to show conclusively that the effect of friction on the ice is a thin layer of water, and this water is a viscous oil, which makes the ice cream is smooth. report.

    If the temperature is below freezing, and the thin film is virtually invisible due to how thin it is. In the laboratory, to study at the Sorbonne university, the researchers found that the layer of water is formed and it was still less than expected, about 1/00, the thickness of a part of it.

    You don’t need to understand the science behind it, to be aware of the dangers of slipping on the ice. A lot of the ambulance and driving it began to slide on the ice.

    It can reduce the risk of personal injury due to the sprinkling of salt on the roads, sidewalks, and pedestrian paths. Don’t forget to make use of the correct quantities. It requires only 12 grams of salt will be enough left over to fill it up with a cup of coffee, to clean, the 20-foot walkway that is about 10 squares of the sidewalk.

    If you need to run on the bare ice surface, it will help you to walk like penguins. Who better to emulate than the Replaced ones as it comes to life on the icy ground? In order to be a penguin, arch your back and hold your legs up on it, to increase your centre of gravity, according to the U.s. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Shake up your feet or take it in small steps, and keep up with your arms to keep your balance.

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