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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why we need to have positive outlook towards life?

  • Why we need to have positive outlook towards life?

    Posted by Shweta on May 15, 2021 at 12:10 pm

    To live a fruitful life, one needs to obtain a positivity in oneself. Being positive in every happening in your life gives you better outcome. Our life consist of both goods and bads. It depends on us that how you deal with it. Having problems is very common , sometimes it happens that someone is very weak that instead of dealing with the situation, they choose a wrong step. So one needs to be strong at every situation. As we should keep in our mind that every bad day has it’s end. Wait for the good times instead of giving up in a bad days.

    You should know:

    1) What behaviour and attitude we should possess?

    =We should always possess a positive attitude in ourselves. We should learn and think good things. The negativity in your mind makes you dull and depressed. Having positive behaviour will lead everyone to interact with you.

    2) What changes we should do to end up negativity from ourselves?

    = We should not compare ourselves from others because we meet people lower than us and higher than us as well. Comparing yourself from lower people will make you proud and higher will make you disappointed.

    3) How should we avoid feeling depressed and anxiety?

    = We should not trouble ourselves by thinking about our past. If the past is good, try to make your present better and if the past is not well, learn from the mistakes to make your today better.

    4) What kind of people should we avoid?

    = We should avoid aggressive people as they disturb our mental peace and will leave you with negative vibe because of which your day gets spoiled.

    5)Why the positive outlook towards life is necessary?

    =Positive outlook is necessary to live a healthy life and having peace and calm in your mind will make your workings better.

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  • Kumari

    May 15, 2021 at 9:24 pm
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    It is very important for us to have a positive outlook towards life. It helps us in our growth and development as a person in our professional and personal lifes. If from a very young age people keep a positive outlook they will be able to take up each opportunity as a step for there growth. A positive person surely succeeds in life. Positivity leads to healthy mental health ensuring peace and harmony in life. There are ways in which positivity can be maintained. The prime way is to do yogas and excercise. It helps to relax body and mind and the person starts feeling peaceful. Right now as the present time is very critical it is very important to cut off the strings for the covid news. The charts and death rates are very horrifying and has the ability to tilt the mind towards negative thoughts. Make a routine, follow it and make sure to give time to hobbies, skills develop good habbits because our mind know the difference between what are we doing and what we should be doing. When we do the things which we are supposed to do our positivity and confidence increases. Positivity is also maintained if we take balanced diet containing of all the important vitamins and mineral and all the essential proteins, fats carbohydrates and other components. Staying with our family friends and closed ones and communicating with them about our thoughts. Positivity comes from within and no one around can convince us to think positively. Try and keep yourself motivated and positive. Read, reading helps alot. It helps a person to relive thousands of life in just one life. It pushes the ability of the mind to think more. A good book can create a deep impact on a person’s mind and there way of thinking.

  • Mahima

    May 15, 2021 at 11:27 pm
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    Importance of having a positive outlook towards life

    A positive outlook doesn’t mean that you have to smile every time and in every situation, as you can even fake a smile. A positive outlook means that you should have positive thinking and have an optimistic approach towards life even if everything is not going right.

    It is very important to surround yourself with positivity, as then only you will be motivated to achieve your goals and fight against bad times. As you must have heard that what wrong or good medicine does to your body, negative or positive thoughts do the same to your body. Positive thoughts make you happy from your soul.

    Your way of seeing the world will change if you will start thinking positively.


    1.WEALTH: It’s also been shown that those with an optimistic outlook are more likely to be in good financial standing than someone who doesn’t. It makes no difference if the good outlook occurred before or after the wealth was acquired; what matters is that it exists.

    2.HAPPINESS- If you are happy then automatically you will have a positive approach towards life. Both are interlinked. If you will are happy, you will look positively at everything, and if you are positive you will be happy and calm.

    3.PRODUCTIVITY- If you will have a positive outlook, your productivity will automatically increase. As positive people set goals for themselves every day and try to achieve them. They believe in themselves.

    4.SELF-CONFIDENCE- When you have a positive outlook, you will start believing in yourself that will give increase your self-confidence. You’ll handle yourself with more dignity and affection, which will increase your self-assurance and inner power. You’ll rise above your self-limiting convictions and take on new obstacles.

    5.ACTIVE MIND- People with a positive outlook will always be looking for opportunities so that they can learn more. Their mind will work actively and they will participate more in every activity.

    6.FOCUSED – With positive thinking, you achieve emotional balance, which helps the brain to execute functions properly. If you are focused you will concentrate on your work and life rather than wandering here and there and indulging yourself in useless activities.

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