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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Windmill generate electricity

  • Tinkle

    May 27, 2024 at 3:56 pm
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    A windmill, also known as a wind turbine, generates electricity through the following process:

    1. Wind Capture:

    The large blades of the wind turbine are designed to capture the kinetic energy of the wind as it blows across them.

    The blades are shaped like airplane wings, which creates a difference in air pressure across the blade. This difference in pressure causes the blades to rotate.

    2. Rotor Rotation:

    The rotating blades turn a shaft inside the nacelle (the housing at the top of the tower).

    This shaft is connected to a generator inside the nacelle.

    3. Electricity Generation:

    As the shaft turns, it causes the generator to spin.

    The spinning generator induces an electric current, which is then transmitted through cables down the tower and into the electrical grid.

    4. Electricity Transmission:

    The electricity generated by the wind turbine is fed into the local electrical grid, where it can be distributed to homes, businesses, and other consumers.

    The amount of electricity generated depends on various factors, such as the wind speed, the size of the turbine blades, and the efficiency of the generator. Larger wind turbines with longer blades can capture more wind energy and generate more electricity compared to smaller turbines.

    Wind power is a renewable and clean source of energy that does not produce greenhouse gas emissions or other pollutants during the electricity generation process.

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