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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Would a guitar sound the same on a space station?

  • Shivani

    July 2, 2021 at 10:16 am
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    Yes. Since the space station contains normal air at normal intensity to keep people at ease, the sounds created by playing the guitar will be similar to those of the earth. The weightless environment within the space station does not affect the guitar’s ability to make sound. The sound is made by strings and the body of the guitar as they vibrate immediately after being released. This vibration is against the wind, causing the wind to vibrate quickly, which we humans find as sound. The string pulses vibrate back and forth with great speed when they are torn apart due to the tension between two effects: string tension and series inertia.

    String tension is the force that usually pulls the cord from a stretched, curved shape back to a compact, precise position. In contrast, the inertia of the weight of the rope causes the moving rope to continue to move, even if it has reached a cohesive, vertical position. Inertia therefore causes the moving cable to overheat the precise vertical position it is trying to penetrate. So the next cycle that involves a tension in the wire repeatedly tries to reconnect the cord, and the inertia of the chain causes the cord to bend again. Cable bike movements happen so fast that people see them as blurred vibrations. There is one very important parameter involved, which is the distance of the cable. The length of the wires determines how much the cord can be damaged during its vibration, and therefore also influences the movement of the cord.

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