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Activity Discussion History Write a short note on Akbar’s administrative policies.

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  • Shivani

    June 8, 2021 at 9:30 am
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    The administrative policy of Iran in the name of Abul Fazl book, “the Representatives of the Administration,” especially on the third and final volumes of the “Eyn-I Akbari,” which Abul Fazl stated that the kingdom was divided into provinces, and it is well known that the Subas, which was ruled by the Subadar. A subadar able to perform both military and political functions. Each province has a financial officer or Both. In order to maintain peace and order in your Subadar the province, to use the assistance of several officers of the army, for example:

    In the military, the treasurer, is also known as the Bakhshl

    The minister in charge of religious and non-profit organizations, under the guardianship, or

    the military commander of the so-called ” Faigdar and

    The chief of police in a town called akbar’s power, which offered a lot of great armies, and had access to large amounts of revenue.

    Iran wanted to be in a peaceful manner, that he might reign in his kingdom. Therefore, he attached great importance to the idea of tolerance, this is what it is, what is the difference between the people of different religions in his kingdom. He was a religious discussion with the ulama, the Brahmins, Jesuit priests, and what is to be Catholic, and one of the basic disciplines, and came to the conclusion that the idea of sulh-I-kul, or the “sound of peace” works in practice. This being said, the attention, the system of ethics, honesty, justice, and peace. These values were widely accepted.

    Thus, akbar’s administrative policy was created with the well-thought-out organisation.

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