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Activity Discussion History Write about the five ancient dance from of India history.

  • Manpreet

    June 3, 2021 at 1:46 pm
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    India is a land of traditions and its history includes some most beautiful gestures. Dancing has always been an expression of emotion in the Indian history. From Lord Shiva, Ganesha and Krishna expressing their emotions through dances to people offering prayers in the form of dances. Thanks to our culture and traditions that we are bestowed with the most beautiful heritage. There are a few dance forms practiced since ages. They are –

    1. TANDAVA –

    We all know this dance form, right? It is the dance form Lord Shiva used to perform. This was an expression to demonstrate his valor – the creator and the destroyer. It consists of great movements and hand gestures.


    This dance form has been practiced since 1000B.C. in the temples of Tamil Nadu. Women perform this as a solo dance. It consists of hand and finger gestures known as “mudras” that gives this dance form its elegance.

    3. ODISSI –

    A dance form that originated in Orissa. It involves dance as well as drama. The body movements, hand gestures and dramatic expressions are the unique features of this dance form.


    It originated in Andhra Pradesh. Like any other classical dance form, Kuchipudi has its own essence of expressions. It is a form of pure dance having its own elegant style of representation.

    5. KATTHAK –

    Kathak was originated in North India and its name is derived from the Sanskrit word – katha which means a story. The dance form includes a style raging from slow tempo to a faster one and then ending it wuth a dramatic climax. The ancient Kattak schools were known as Gharanas. There are three Gharanas – Jaipur Gharana, Lucknow – Banaras Gharana and Rajgarh Gharana.

    These were some ancient dance forms from the ancient India. Let’s preserve this beautiful heritage we are bestowed with.

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