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Activity Discussion History Write about the Partition of Bengal.


    June 2, 2021 at 11:03 pm
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    The main circumstances for militant nationalism came into action as soon as the announcement of partition was known.

    In 1905, particularly on 20 July, the order was issued for the division of Bengal Lord Curzon was behind this completely. The partition was ordered to divide into two different/separate province

    -Eastern Bengal along with Assam

    -The remaining Bengal

    The first partition of Bengal is marked by an excessive national revolt that questioned British authority directly. Of course, this was planned by the Britishers as the growing rebellions in India threaten their ruling supremacy. Thus, they decide to divide the territory into two parts.

    When the first line was drawn across the map by Lord Curzon everyone recognized their real motives. They understood that this division was done not randomly. This was done to separate the unity of Muslims and Hindus. They were a strong ally in Bengal. Thus the breaking of the territory on the basis of religion was necessary for the Britishers to secure their positions. The western part has Calcutta and was left to deal with Orissa and Bihar and were mostly Hindu provinces. However, the Eastern province was dominated by the Muslims, declaring Dhaka as their new capital.

    This was a clear indication “divide and rule” policy. This triggered the people in the territory and a flame of nationalism united the entire state to stand against it.

    “Bande Mataram”, Bankim Chandra’s song was sung and the nation showed their support to the people of Bengal for this brutality. Successively, there were nationalist reform, boycott movements, there were burning of foreign textiles. The indigenous clothes and industries again gained their strength and boosted the swadeshi movement all over the nation.

    This continued for a while until, in 1911, the national capital shifted to Delhi. This further reunited the two parts of Bengal and Assam regained its position as a separated Indian state. However, with the initial partition, many Muslims have achieved much greater profit and they don’t give that away. Thus, the British were successful in what they meant to do. Later in 1947, East Bengal got separated forming Bangladesh.

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