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Activity Discussion General Discussion Write about the setting of a good time table

  • Ishita

    September 22, 2021 at 4:17 pm
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    A timetable can help us to be punctual. It can make us very efficient. There are many strategies from a schedule. Most importantly a timetable is very important to maintain a schedule. It helps us to manage our time most efficiently. So let’s learn about some steps to form and maintain a good timetable.

    Create deadline:-

    If you create a deadline on your timetable it will help you to work up fast. Once you know the time limit you will automatically do the work that you need to do. Most importantly it creates pressure to come up with a production timetable.

    Always give attention to your work:-

    When you are going according to a timetable. It is very important to give attention to the work you are doing. Without any attention, you can’t be able to do it on time. The work you are doing in the timetable is the most important thing to maintain.

    Avoid distraction:-

    Discipline is a very important thing to maintain a timetable. And for maintaining discipline you should avoid the distraction. You can drive yourself to forbid a bad habit if you avoid it. Just totally be focused on the work you are doing, distraction can only waste your time and ruin the quality of your work.

    Glance to the timetable regularly:-

    Most of the time after making A timetable people don’t follow it properly. It is important to maintain the regularity of the timetable. Otherwise, we can not accomplish the things we want to do through the timetable. To maintain regularity it is essential to glance at them once a day. It helps you to see if you are going correctly or not.

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