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Activity Discussion Essay Write an autobiography of a Blackboard

  • tanya

    May 31, 2021 at 9:43 pm
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    Hello, remember me? I am that little thing present in your class, where teachers write and explain different topics to you. I am a blackboard established in Class 8th of D.A.V Public School, Gurugram. I am fifteen years old now.

    I have been made so messy by you people. A long time back when I was coated in the black color and two sturdy men installed my six feet body by four feet frame.

    I still remember when the Principal Mr. Gupta took his class and explained the concept of the Pythagoras Theorem using me as a medium. I still remember when Ravi, who was the most studious boy in the class became the monitor of the class and wrote the names of those mischievous students who were shouting in the class in the absence of their teacher, Mrs. Bindu. I loved it when the Maths lecturer, Ms. Ritu used to call girls to the blackboard for solving the sums of Algebra. I really hoped that they were able to solve those questions correctly. Sometimes students scribbled on me when their teachers were not around.

    There was a student named Geeta who was made my incharge. She was just like my caretaker. She used to clean me up every morning. She had to write the date and day on the top right side. During school hours, I was always with my friends, chalk and the duster. Sometimes students hid the chalk to tease their teachers and to delay the lectures of the period. Every alternate Saturday, a Parent-Teacher Meeting was announced in the school and I was decorated for the same reason. I remember the farewell of Ms. Tanu for whom students had bought cake and bouquets. And she got emotional seeing this gesture of her students. I remember the last day of class 8th in that classroom when the students had arranged a party in the class. Even I got emotional when they were leaving me.

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