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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on “Computer”.

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  • Mahima

    June 26, 2021 at 6:52 pm
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    A computer is an electrical device that can do a variety of functions such as communications, computations, data storage, printing, and so on. In the 1940s, computers were invented. Computers are now utilized in almost every setting, including homes, schools, universities, businesses, hotels, train stations, airports, and retail establishments.

    There are numerous types of computers, such as pocket computers, laptops, and personal computers.

    Computers come in a variety of colors and sizes. I, too, have a computer at home that includes a keyboard, a mouse, a CPU (the computer’s brain), a screen or monitor, and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

    The computer operates in three stages: input, processing, and output. In addition, the computer follows this cycle in every process that it is requested to do. This is how the procedure may be presented in simple terms. The data that we send into the computer is referred to as input, the work that the CPU performs is referred to as processing, and the result that the computer provides is referred to as output.

    Computer Applications in a Variety of Fields

    As computer usage expanded, it became a must for nearly every field to employ computers for their operations. They’ve also made working and arranging things simpler. Some of the most significant fields that use computers daily are listed here.

    1)Medical Profession

    Computers are used to detect ailments, perform tests, and find cures for fatal diseases. They are also able to find a treatment for numerous ailments thanks to computers.

    2) Research

    Computers aid in many types of research, including scientific research, space research, and social research. We can also keep an eye on the environment, space, and society because of them. We were able to explore the galaxies thanks to space research. While the scientific study has assisted humanity in locating resources and other beneficial resources on the planet.

    Computers have become not just a need, but also a danger. This is due to hackers stealing your personal information and leaking it on the internet. Furthermore, everyone has access to this information. Aside from that, there are additional risks such as malware, spam, bugs, and a variety of other issues.

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