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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on ‘Daydreaming can take you away from reality’.

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  • Jyothi krishna

    June 4, 2021 at 8:05 pm
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    Reality is far away than imagination and expectations. All are wish to be live in a world of happiness. But in real world we don’t get a complete happiness and satisfaction. That is because all have a ideas about how to live our life. Sometimes times our expectations won’t work. That time we became angery and sad. So it is better to don’t have much expectations to anything. Because life not going with our control. We have responsibilities but don’t have a complete control.

    Daydreaming is wonderful situation. If we get some free time, we start to dream. We dream about the things that we don’t have. The daydreaming is different for everyone like their age, class, community and gender. Most of the girls and boys at the age of eighteen to twenty they dreams about their partner, love, beauty etc. After that age from 21 to 25 or 26 they dreams about their career and future life. After that age they enter into a family life and think about their new house, children and their growth, education etc. It shows that at every age we won’t stops our dream. Sometimes we get a partial part that we dream. Actually daydreaming is not completely a good thing. Because we tries to achieve our dream, but not waste our time for daydreaming in every time.

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