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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on importance of reading books.

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 1, 2021 at 7:31 pm
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    To read a book is a good habit than a hobby. Books are our friends. We can feel the each word in a sentence if we read it with a feel of pleasure. I love to read books. I can confidently say that books are my friends. It doesn’t means that i always put my eyes into the books. I just read the books only when i intrested. Without any intrest there is no usage of reading. Sometimes we read books without intrest, at that time we are just looking into it. We can’t feel the plot or story of the book.

    We can read any kind of books like stories, novel, drama, articles, science fiction, academic books, poem even if newspaper too. Any kind of reading is reading. It differ only by the enjoyment of reading. Some people can’t enjoy the reading of academic books, they are interested to read other fictions or poetry. By reading a good book we get more information and knowledge. We have many things that we don’t know. By reading, we get it. Reading helps to increase the imagination. Imagination is a wonderful situation. While imaging something we don’t feel any sadness. We don’t care any physical world. We are just fly like a bird in our own world, the world of imagination. Than reality people love to live in the world of imagination.

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