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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on journalism

  • Ishita

    July 28, 2021 at 4:38 pm
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    The work of a journalist is called journalism. The work which journalists do is collecting news and distributing the news to all the individuals. There are many places where we can find news, like television, radio ,internet and newspapers. Journalism is associated with news. It produces news based on facts, reports, current events and many more. It allows us to know everything about the world. It cherishes our knowledge and makes us social. It is also asked the question which everyone feels hesitant about. In a democratic country like India journalism is very important. It would allow people to express their opinion. Without it the government will control everything. It increases the rate of corruption and crime in our country. We can learn about the event and people from all around the world through journalism. You learn about various kinds of things through news. Journalism is the proper platform for individuals to share different views. But to provide us with this information journalists have to work so hard day and night. They have collected all the information and presented it to us. Journalism has very different kinds of fields like, page 3 journalism, political journalism, sports journalism, crime journalism. So as you all different kinds of news is provided towards us through journalism. Journalism has to be unbiased. But in this corrupted world it is hard to be unbiased. So paid journalism is increasing and somehow people lose their platform. But the majority of journalism is in our for. So journalism is just a blessing for us.

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