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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on My favorite sports.

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  • tanya

    June 29, 2021 at 12:14 am
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    Sports are necessary for every human being in life. They help to maintain the proper health of people and keeps them fit and fine. Due to some physical activity involved in sports, the blood pressure remains under control, and blood vessels also remain clean. Playing sports plays an important role in the life of children as well as adults. These days, even adults are more into sports like cricket, volleyball, etc.

    Talking about my favorite sport, I love playing badminton. Getting indulged in a physical activity per day keeps your body fit and healthy. Badminton is the source of my energy. It means getting involved in physical activity and having fun at the same time. It brings out the kid in me and makes me feel rejuvenated.

    This sport was invented back in the 19th century by the British. It was originated from a game named George Cajoles that was introduced in Pune. It was started by British officials. When they went back to England, the game gained much popularity. The rules of badminton were first arranged by the Bath Badminton club in the year 1877. Badminton was added to the list of Olympics in the year 1992. Though this game originated in England, but it was too popular among Asian countries as well like India, Kore, Indonesia, etc.

    Badminton doesn’t require much of its kit. A couple of rackets, a shuttlecock, and a net are required to play this game. It can either be played in singles or doubles. The game is very simple. The players have to hit the shuttlecock with their rackets and not let the shuttlecock touch the floor.

    I love to play badminton with my family and friends. This game can suit all the moods of people. When you are happy, you play the game and when you are sad, you play this game. You’ll feel good after playing badminton.

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