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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Policeman.

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  • Mahima

    July 3, 2021 at 5:39 pm
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    The policeman is tasked with keeping society’s peace and harmony by arresting and regulating those who break the law. He is in charge of enforcing the laws of the nation. The police penalize those who do not obey the law. It is because of police officers that our lives and property are safe. As a result, a police officer is critical to the efficient operation of any community. He acts as a social rescuer. A police officer is typically in good health. He is dressed in a uniform and carries weaponry such as a rifle or handgun. He’s wearing a belt around his waist. Police officers in each state of India may be identified by their respective official insignia.

    A police officer is assigned to numerous tasks at police stations or checkpoints. He is also stationed in areas where there is a high risk of disruption or arson. During public demonstrations and strikes, he is crucial. When the crowds grow aggressive, he uses his Lathi (stick) to keep them under control. If the situation worsens, he may resort to shooting with his superiors’ consent. In the event of a specific necessity, police officers will also offer special security to political leaders, VIPs, and the general public.

    The police force as a whole is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even though everyone works in shifts, the job of a police officer is difficult. He is regarded as the keeper of law and order. He keeps the peace and tranquility. He is harsh on individuals who breach discipline and generate chaos and disturbance. During the frigid winter nights and early mornings, he remains on duty.

    His responsibilities are numerous. He mediates conflicts and brings two feuding parties to the brink of peace. He also defends religious processions and keeps miscreants and hooligans at bay. He is an adversary of everyone who engages in anti-social behavior. He is the impoverished and the weak’s defender.

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