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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on Winter season.

  • Kumari

    June 2, 2021 at 3:24 pm
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    Winter is one of the four seasons in India. Winters are the coldest season that begins from mid November to last February. The peak time when winter is encountered the most is in December and January. In India winter season holds great importance. Beside, the essence it has is appreciated by many people.
    During wintertime, schools normally take a pause and are closed. The days are smaller and the nights becomes larger. The cool mornings give you a distinct sense collectively. Hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are had more through winters. The sun rises pretty late and doesn’t last for long.
    People desire for a little sunshine as the cold climate chills down the spine. Many people on the roads burn woods and paper to get themselves a little warm. Not many people favor going out in winters. They fancy sitting by the fire or heater all day.
    In the mountain areas, people encounter snow during winters. They ought to move it out of the way to make way for walking. The nature of winters is improved by Christmas as well. It begins the holiday spirit for people and is appreciated all over the world.
    But, there is also a downside to this season. The farmers, people who do not have shelters, and animals are most influenced by this season. There is barely any business for farmers in this season. Hundreds of homeless people die due to the coolest winters.
    As the animals do not have decent shelter, they too lose their lives. Many flights are also discarded during this season. But, this does not make winter any less important. It is pretty essential to maintaining stability in the weather of our country. There are many festivals in winter like Christmas, New year, Holi, etc. The cold breeze is the chief cause of this season because it makes the climate dull and too much cold. Generally, it is very challenging to come out at night in winter.

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