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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on your favorite movie.

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  • Jyothi krishna

    June 4, 2021 at 7:52 pm
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    Movie watching is a good entertainment. I watched so many movies from English, Hindi, Korean, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. I loved to watch almost all the movies of my favourite actors Sushant Singh Rajput and Shah Rukh Khan. But my favourite movie is “Anarkali” a malayalam movie. To watch a movie in our mother tongue is more special.

    This movie is a kind of variety experience for me. Because this film released when I was in the 12 th class. We have special classes for our board exam. After a long duration of class we had a combined study after the lunch break. At that day because of hot and tiredness of class we spoke about something else. My friend told the story of this movie. She told that story as how we watch it. After the examination i watched it.

    The plot of the movie is love, distance love. The major location was Lakshadweep, our union territory. The camera man and director treats the viewer with super visual of Lakshadweep. Most of the malayalees who watched this movie have a complete idea about Lakshadweep from this movie. Our hero was worked in Indian Navy. He become love with the girl of fifteen years, and she was the daughter of their commanding officer. Later her father filed a petition to navy court against the hero the case is that he abused his daughter who was minor at that time. The real reason is the superior and inferior complex of the father. Heroin decided that she will wait when she became a major to prove that her love is true. He become fired and moves as a diving instructor. Her father moves to Ajmer and won’t allow her to meet him. He tries to find her. Finally he reached Lakshadweep, while he heard that her brother was working in there as a navy officer. They found each other. But her father make a challenge that to reach Kochi before the next day morning or otherwise forgot his daughter. Hero accepted his challenge. But the navy officers stop all ships and boats for a few days. He take a risk by taking helicopter. In Lakshadweep helicopter is for emergency services. So that hero takes a poisonous gas and through that they reached there at correct time. And at the end they shares the secret of their name, Nadira and Shanthanu.

    The climax seen is very humerus until we know that he won’t acting by taking the poisonous gas in the movie. He says that he can’t take a chance at that time.

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