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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on “Your first day at school”.


  • tanya

    June 8, 2021 at 6:40 pm
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    Our days are full of new experiences that we get in our day-to-day lives. Everyone receives a new experience when they do something new. The same was the case when I first went to school. That is the most memorable day of many people’s lives of course. How can someone forget the day when they first went to school.

    The first day was that day when I had to separate from my parents for a very long time. It is just because the atmosphere changes completely for a young child. At home, we always are in our comfort zones, doing whatever we want, eating whatever we want, and being with our parents all the time.

    However, when one has to go to school, the traditions are changed. Children have to obey people whom they had never seen in their life, and they are called the teachers. On my first day at school, I was all excited and I woke up early in the morning. Just the name of the school excited me that time. I did not exactly know what a school meant and what I was supposed to do there. It is just that when we first hear a new name, we get all excited by that.

    My parents dressed me up in the uniform and got ready themselves to drop me at school. My parents dressed me up and clicked many photographs of me. That was a time when people used cameras containing reels. It was not a time of smartphones or anything. Anyways, they clicked many photographs of me which I cherish even today. And we headed to the school. Both of them were excited to drop me at school. Until then, even I was excited. But as we reached the school, they met my teacher, left me with her, and went out of my sight while my teacher was trying to divert my attention towards many toys kept there. I didn’t cry but I really missed them for the whole day.

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