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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on:


  • Edutuber

    June 4, 2021 at 9:24 pm
    Not Helpful

    People have different perspectives on privacy and its definition . Some people doesn’t mind if someone looks at their books or phone while some may feel awkward at this. This is surely a mannerless behaviour. One should respect another one’s privacy. It is not good to get your hands into another one’s life. Some questions which are intended just as a funny question may hurt one’s feeling or privacy . This also comes into effect when we consider security cameras of CCTVs . Nowadays almost every shops and public places have cameras installed. These cameras would help investigation if some crime of bad things happen. These cameras are also helpful in finding lost children in crowded places . But would this become a concern to one’s privacy? Some may be offended at this but it is better to place security over one’s privacy concerns. But if some criminal minded people looks after the CCTV rooms they may get into other people’s privacy. It is upto one’s thoughts and concerns whether security cameras and CCTV trespasses one’s privacy concerns.

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