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Activity Discussion Essay Write on ” A narration of covid survivor.”

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  • Ishita

    August 10, 2021 at 3:19 pm
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    This Covid 19 pandemic has completely changed our lives.This fatal disease took the lives of numerous people and made numerous people unemploy. numerous people lost their jobs, it makes our lives difficult and miserable. Everyday we’ve to measure with fear. But we will not be hopeless so easily, we’ve to be positive and make people positive. Positivity can make our lives so cheerful and good.Their are numerous ways to fill our lives with positivity. we’ve the chance to spend time with our families. We learn the value of our family as only our families stand by our side in every difficult situation. This pandemic made us realise the worth of family. numerous people Lost their lives and jobs. But there have been also some people that beat them and came home unharmed. My grandfather is one among them. When he came back from the hospital I asked him how he felt during his ailment. He firstly lost his smell and taste and had a touch fever so he tested covid. Three days after he tested positive. In his first days he just had a touch fever. But after a while he had some serious breathing problems so he had to urge admitted. In his days in hospital he got worse so we became so furious that we’d have lost him. But after some days he got better. And he recovered. After ge returned I asked how did he be so brave during his illness. He said he just thought positive and hope to measure . So this is a narrative of a covid survival.

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